Friday, May 20, 2011


( mee rebus jawa favourite si diaa :D )

I miss you everyday .

never stop thinking of you .

love for you never ends okay .

trust me ,

together for our bright future :)


I Love you ,

I love all about you and all by you ,

I love all the moments when we're together ,

I love your cares , your attention and your sincere ,

I love the cutest pillow :)

I love a blue blouse :)

I love the jokes and big big Laugh :)

and mostly I love this relationship with you ;)


Lagu Aishiteru ne lagu utk u okay sayang !

even kite jauh pun , it's not the matter .

Please people outside stop disturbing us , we love each other so much.

( I'm not childish anymore )

Just doakan relation kitorang everlasting n happy always.

Insyaallah :)

he said ; I syg u. Papepun yg jadi I tetap pilih u.

I said ; thanks sayang.....